Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School

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Join us on Sunday mornings for tea, coffee, or cocoa—and lots of friendly fellowship—as we grow in our faith. The class is taught by Dr. Chuck Guth, our Minister for Discipleship & Congregational Care.  It's relaxed, fun, and important!


During this Covid time – Sunday School is offered via video below.  Our current study is More than a Fan: Being a DISCIPLE of Jesus

“More than a Fan: Being a Disciple of Jesus,” is about Jesus’ teaching about discipleship, and how we can grow as disciples. As we look at what discipleship is, we’ll note four things disciples do: they read, pray, live, and share. Disciples read the Bible. Disciples talk with God. Disciples live their lives in obedience to God. Disciples share their faith in Jesus with others, so they become followers of Jesus, too. I’m excited to have you join us as we grow as followers of Jesus!

Being a DISCIPLE: Session 17 (Full class including time of prayer)

Being a DISCIPLE: Session 17 (LESSON ONLY)