Holy Week Devotions

Holy Week Devotions

Beneath the Cross of Jesus
Welcome to our 2021 Holy Week Devotions! With Covid-19 as the background to this time, the devotions are video-only. I look forward to returning to in-person devotions in 2022.

As we read the gospels we hear of a host of people at Jesus’ crucifixion. There was the crowd, mocking him; religious leaders taunting him; the soldiers gambling for his clothes; two thieves crucified on either side of him. But there were disciples, as well! This year’s Holy Week Devotions will look at these people—these DISCIPLES. What were they thinking? What lessons were they learning? And what and how can we learn from them?

The devotions are brief (five to eight minute videos).

May God encourage and bless your discipleship—at the foot of the cross!