Devotional Bible Readings

Read the Word!

Devotional Bible Reading

Read the Word is a Bible reading program for people who want to read the Bible—but find most programs leave them behind. Read the Word lets you read through books of the Bible in bite-size chunks—and helps you think about what the reading means.

  • Start with a brief prayer.

  • Read a short passage of Scripture.

  • Consider these three questions:
    • What did you find most interesting or noteworthy about today’s reading—and why?
    • What’s the key message of this passage (e.g., what might it be saying about God, what God does, or about his desires for us)?
    • What does this passage say to me about how I might be a more faithful follower of God?

  •  Close in prayer.

Let this year be the year you really begin to spend time with God’s Word. Read the Word!